Our Purpose

Spark*5 will make a lasting and measurable impact on our community as we raise a generation of children equipped to go further in life. By forming this collaborative network of agencies, children can advance their education, earn more at better jobs, and someday raise their own successful family.


The spark*5 values are layered on top of the guiding principle foundation to support network building and leverage assets that already exists in the community.

  • Collaboration: We will identify and connect organizations to better serve
    Cedar Rapids neighborhoods in zip code 52404.

  • Compassion: We will bring understanding and respect regardless of circumstances.

  • Growth: We will work with parents to build parenting skills, increase financial stability, and better prepare children for kindergarten.

Spark*5 is a place-based (zip code 52404), multi-generational approach that began piloting in October 2017 with five families. This initiative will continue to invite 20–25 first-time parents every six month over the next five-year pilot. The first group of spark*5 families will send their five-year-olds to kindergarten in 2023.

Spark*5 will:

  • Improve the system for vulnerable families and break the cycle of poverty.

  • Enhance collaborations to create a coordinated community response.

  • Ensure children meet developmental milestones and are ready to learn when they enter kindergarten.

  • Support families to be self-sufficient, successful, and able to fully engage in their child's development.

Spark*5 will change the trajectory of a child and family's life through cross-system collaborations including creating shared goals, outcomes and progress monitoring. Spark*5 creates a true collaborative that works together as a team to help a family achieve their goals. By working together and tracking family progress the team can identify barriers and solutions as a team! This allows the teams to be more efficient and effective in attaining short-term goals for the family while creating long-term solutions for the whole community. Learn more by reviewing our step by step plan.

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